Milky Way Editing Video Tutorials

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Landscape Astrophotography Editing Workflow

Price: $75
Runtime: 130 minutes

Looking to learn what goes into creating stunning images of the Milky Way? Or are you eager to take your skills to the next level using high-quality tools and techniques? Start here! This tutorial provides an in-depth review of my complete workflow to help you create Milky Way images with pinpoint stars, low noise, and sharp foregrounds using star stacking combined with focus stacking and exposure blending.

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Milky Way Creative Edits

Price: $55
Runtime: 59 minutes

Take your photos further! Learn techniques for making your Milky Way images come alive using contrast and color adjustments in Lightroom and Photoshop. Elevate your skills with advanced masking techniques that bring the details in your photos to life!  This video builds on the concepts introduced in the Workflow video above, but is useful for anyone looking for creative editing and masking tips.

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