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Training: Check out my book!

Video Tutorials: I've stopped offering videos for now.

Workshops: I'm currently not holding workshops.

Gear Recommendations: Unfortunately I cannot offer gear recommendations or comment on your gear beyond what is listed in my book and in the descriptions of many of my photos, webinars, or in my blog posts. If you google for "<your camera model> milky way" or "<your lens model> milky way" you should find information about Milky Way photography with that equipment.

Star Trackers: For wide angle landscape astrophotography, or even up to 50mm, I think star trackers are a waste of time and only make things more complicated. Just use star stacking and you’ll get very similar results. More details are in my book.

Locations: I suggest googling for where to shoot in the location you’re visiting.

Prints: Prints of just about any photo I have are available for ordering. Please see this page for more info.

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