Adam Woodworth Photography
Glowing Coast
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Black Eyed Susans at Portland Head Light
Milky Way Over Screw Auger Falls
Viking Lights
Sleepy Hollow
Portland Head Light Panorama
Quoddy Glow
Galactic Cave
Night at St. Matthew's Chapel #2
Moonrise at Portland Head Lighthouse
Hot Air Balloons on the Aroostook River
Harvest Moon Over Weir
Mt. Katahdin Over Fog on South Twin Lake
Mt. Katahdin Fall Reflection in River Pond
Edge of the Barrens
Windy Evening at West Point Lighthouse
Sunset at the PEI Bridge
Lubec Channel Lighthouse
Iceberg in Merritt's Harbour
Kayakers and Iceberg
Iceberg Aerial
Giant Slab Iceberg Aerial
The Orion Nebula and Running Man Nebula
Goblins and Aurora
Doubletop Sunset
Pissing Mare Falls
Dairy Farm Winter Sunset
Sunwapta Falls
Sukakpak Reflection
East Corinth
Snowy Quoddy
Morning Twilight Fog at Swallowtail Lighthouse
Autumn Aurora Over Mt. Katahdin
Autumn Milky Way Over Nichols Pond
Moon Over Marshall Point Lighthouse
Morning Light on Blueberry Barrens
Griffith Head Panorama
Milky Way Over Lobster Boats In Cutler Harbor
Tidal Trail
Sunrise at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Snow and Christmas Tree at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Moose Cove Milky Way Panorama
Comet Neowise Over Lubec
Confederation Bridge Twilight
Winter Sunset at West Quoddy Head Light
Comet Neowise Over Lubec
Boat Heading to Iceberg
Moon Over Casa Grande and Agave at Sunset
Prickly Pear Sunset at The Window
Evening Light on the Chisos Mountains
Comet Neowise Over Lubec Boats
Snow and Ice at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Clearing Winter Storm at the Grand Canyon
Moonberg II
Milky Way Over Ripogenus Gorge
Sunset at White Sands
Sunset at White Sands
Sunset Alien Eggs in the Bisti Wilderness
Sunset Hoodoos in the Bisti Wilderness
Mt. Katahdin Sunrise at Sunday Pond
Moonrise Over West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Twilight Moon at Point Amour Lighthouse
Twilight Milky Way Over Francois
Lupines and Buoys
Blue Hour in Francois from the Friar
Orion and The Milky Way Over West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Partial Solar Eclipse and Mulholland Lighthouse
Partial Solar Eclipse Over Mulholland Lighthouse
Orion and Snow at Gullivers Hole
Milky Way Over Cable John Cove
Alpenglow on the Sierra Nevadas Through Cyclops Arch
Twilight Milky Way at Chance Cove Sea Stack
Milky Way Over Grand Falls
Rainbow at the Grand Canyon
Frog and Lily Pads
Full Moon Rising Over Bucks Harbor
Sunflower Sunset
Twilight Sunflowers and Milky Way
Hot Air Balloon on the Aroostook River
Smokehouse Sunrise
Spark Plug Moonrise with Cormorants Flying
Milky Way at Western Head
Evening in Salvage
Hopewell Rocks
Twilight Milky Way and Barnacle Covered Rocks
Moxie Falls
Twilight Milky Way at Rose Blanche Lighthouse
Monument Cove
Southwest Head Milky Way
Foggy Night at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Stairs Falls
Sunset at West Quoddy Head Light
Pool at Sabbaday Falls
Frigid Lubec Morning
Winter at Head Harbour Lighthouse
Night at Pemaquid Lighthouse
Snowy Owl at Sunset
Monument Cove Snowstorm
Milky Way Over Nubble Lighthouse
Fogo Twilight
McCurdy Smokehouse and Lupines Sunrise
Milky Way Cliffs
Aurora and Milky Way Over Wooden Lobster Traps
Aurora Over Wooden Lobster Traps
Aurora Over Fishing Boats
Island Coves Sunset
Lubec Sunrise
Spark Plug Sunrise
Evening Aerial at Hamilton Cove
Head Harbour
Head Harbour
Reversing Falls Sunset
Boats at Sunset
Harvest Moon Over Weir
Harvest Moon Rising Over Lubec
Doubletop Mountain Fall Reflection in River Pond
River of Trees Between the Barrens
Autumn Sunset at Mud Pond
Moonrise at Malpeque Wharf
Lunar Eclipse at Cape Egmont Lighthouse
Sunrise in Lunenburg
Stormy Night at Cape Forchu Lighthouse
Sunset at Malpeque Wharf
Dockhouse in Snow
Lubec and Mulholland Light Winter Sunrise
Frozen Blue Hour Moonset on the Narrows
Fish Weir in Sea Smoke
Winter at Little River Lighthouse
Hamilton Cove
Morning in Rose-Blanche
Sunset at Head Harbour Lighthouse
Ocean Cliffs in Newfoundland
Flowers Island Lighthouse
Bottle Cove Aerial
Fishing Boats in Bay Saint Lawrence
Golden Hour Aerial Panorama at New London Lighthouse
Fishing Boats in Snowstorm
Screw Auger Sunset
Rhodora at Western Brook Pond
Western Brook Pond
My Old Kentucky Home
Little Long Pond Sunset
Sunrise From Dead Horse Point
Moody Blues at Canyonlands
Snowy Waterfall Windows at Tangle Falls
China Poot Peak Over Homer Harbor
Alaskan Moose
Midnight in Alaska
Peacham, Vermont
Camden Harbor in Autumn From Mt. Battie
Early Winter at Cobblestone Bridge
Moonrise Over Whaleback Lighthouse
Father and Child
The Magic Light of Twillingate
Fishing Boats and Lupines
The Tablelands
Fresh Snow and Milky Way Moonrise at Boulder Beach
Galactic Cliffs
Galactic Rainbow
Fall in Trinity
Lubec Sunset
Christmas Lights on Campobello Bridge
Golden Glow Over Lubec Boats
Sea Smoke in Bucks Harbor
Cloudy Autumn Morning in Belfast
Simone and Rachel in Snow
Sea Smoke and Fishing Boats in Globe Cove
Autumn Evening on Chick Hill
Frosty Pylons
Gull and Boats in Sea Smoke
Walk in the Woods
Big Bend Blue Hour Bluebonnets and Milky Way
Mt. Katahdin Winter Sunrise at Compass Pond
Milky Way Over Point Wolfe River Gorge
Milky Way and Venus Over Homer Wilson Ranch
Coastal Woods
Snowy Woods
Cape Lighthouse at Sunset
Twilight on the Bold Coast
Fishing Shacks
Iceberg Sunburst
Spark Plug Seasmoke Sunrise
Twilight in Twillingate
Casa Grande Sunset
Cable John Cove Sunset
Sunrise in Cable John Cove
Big Bend Sunset
Twilight in Trout River
Winter Morning at the Grand Canyon
Winter Morning at the Grand Canyon
Winter Milky Way at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Clearing Winter Storm at the Grand Canyon
Full Moon Over Mulholland Lighthouse
The Guardian Fishing Boat and Pastel Sunset
Chisos Mountains at Sunset
Milky Way Over Mt. Katahdin
Moose Cove Milky Way and Bioluminescence
Milky Way Over Campobello Bridge and Smokehouse Buildings
Milky Way Over Sawdust Shed
Cape D'or Lighthouse Sunset
Sunset at White Sands
Sunset at White Sands
Fireworks in Lubec
Fireworks in Lubec
Moonlit Night at the Alien Eggs
Petrified Tree and Hoodoos at Sunset in Bisti
Sunset Hoodoos in the Bisti Wilderness
Mt. Katahdin Over Pockwockamus Rock
Milky Way at Bog Brook Preserve
Spring Sunset at Red Point
Lupines and Barn
Milky Way at Rose-Blanche Lighthouse and Outhouse
Lupines and Barn
Galactic Outhouse
Morning in the Alabama Hills
Moonset Behind the Sierra Nevada Mountains
Morning in the Alabama Hills
Spark Plug Foggy Sunset
Milky Way Over Gulliver's Hole
Full Moon at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Mt. Katahdin and Lily Pads at Compass Pond
Cloudy Katahdin Sunrise at Compass Pond
Sunflowers and Thunderstorm Clouds
Sunflowers and Thunderstorm Clouds
Old Pilings and Boat Hull in Fog
Sunflower Sunset
Low Tide at Seal Cove
Swallowtail Lighthouse Over North Head Wharf
Swallowtail Lighthouse Over North Head Wharf at Twilight
Rainstorm Sunset Over Fishing Boats
Lubec Channel Lighthouse Sunset Reflection
Milky Way and Dead Tree At Gulliver's Hole
Spark Plug Moonrise with Golden Light
Crescent Moonrise Over Mulholland Light
Blueberry Barrens Sunset in Autumn
Layers in Blueberry Barrens
Cross Fox
Mt. Katahdin Fall Reflection
Little Port Head Sunset
Autumn Sunset on Deboullie Pond
Last Few Miles of Dirt
Sunrise in The Tablelands
Autumn Moonrise Over Aroostook
Fall Sunrise in Brigus
Milky Way Canyon
Autumn Glow
Canada Goose on Cherry Pond
Star Trails Over Great Gulf
Great Gulf Sunrise #2
Great Gulf Sunrise #1
Galactic Fishing Shack
Crystal Cascade
Morning Fog on First Connecticut Lake
Mt. Willard
Autumn Cabin Moonrise
Covered Bridge in Fall
Jenne Farm
Sentinel Pine Covered Bridge
Autumn's Evening Glow From North Percy Peak
Mars and the Milky Way on the Bold Coast
Foggy Autumn Morning From North Percy Peak
Clouds at Sunset
Mt. Katahdin
Pool at Sabbaday Falls
Mt. Battie Tower in the Fog
Camden Sunrise From Mt. Battie
Winter View of Lubec
Autumn Dockhouse
Whaleback Light Sunrise
The Shadow of Whaleback
Mt. Katahdin on a Frigid Morning
Mt. Katahdin on a Frigid Morning
Valentine's Day Sunrise at Old Orchard Beach
Frozen Bubbles
Milky Way and Jupiter Over the Bold Coast
Winter Morning
Boathouse on a Winter Morning
Cobblestone Bridge
Lupine Morning
Albany Covered Bridge
Puffin Close-Up
Seguin Island Lighthouse
Moosehead Lake Sunrise
Tugboats in the Snow
Early Autumn on Beech Mountain
Morning at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse After a Snowstorm
Winter Sunrise at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Cape Egmont Lighthouse
A Slice of Emerald Green Coast in Cape Breton
Morning at Neil's Harbour
Golden Rays at Tea Pot Rock
Mr. Fox Is Not Amused
Silver Fox Pup
Prince Edward Fox
Hay Cove Aurora
Aurora Overhead
Aurora Over Viking Boathouse
Aurora Curtain
Aurora Over Frozen Jordan Pond
Owl's Head Aurora
Rainbow Over White Point
Fall Colors Surrounding a Waterfall
Fall in the Mackenzie River Valley
Cape Breton Highlands
Morning Light in the Highlands
Car Lights on the Cabot Trail
Fall Sunrise on Prince Edward Island
Fall at the Anne of Green Gables Museum
French River
Gypsum Mine Lake
Curious Cow
Fall Heritage Road
Cape Breton Sunset
Cabot Trail Sunset
Blockhouse Point Lighthouse
Sea Ice at Confederation Bridge
Evening at Great Sand Dunes
Walking on the Dunes
Evening at Great Sand Dunes #2
Evening at Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Evening at Black Canyon of the Gunnison #2
Needle Rock Over Crawford Reservoir
Sawtooth Mountains Sunset
Stanley Sunrise
Sunrise at Saint Mary Lake
Lake Louise
Mt. Rundle Over Two Jack Lake
Saskatchewan River Sunrise
Maligne Lake Sunset
Black Bear
Low Tide on the Turnagain Arm
Alaskan Moon
Rainbow Over Kenai Lake
Lupines in the Chugach Mountains
Valdez Harbor
Meltwater Stream at Worthington Glacier
Summer in the Wrangells
Wildflowers in Anza-Borrego
Morning in the Alabama Hills
Sunrise Over Death Valley
Death Valley Cactus at Sunrise
Zabriskie Point Badlands
Sunrise at the Zabriskie Point Badlands
Humpback Whale at Sunrise
Winter Sunrise at Boot Head
Sunset Reflection at Badwater Basin
Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse & The Frigid Photographer
Pack Ice at Flowers Island Lighthouse
Pack Ice at Flowers Island Lighthouse
Flowers Island Lighthouse
Foggy Loons
Snow in Twillingate
Fishing Stage on Change Islands
Fishing Stages on Change Islands
Snow in Twillingate
Pack Ice in La Scie at Twilight
Evening Light in Triton
Lupines and Apple Tree on a Foggy Morning
Lupines on a Foggy Morning
Lupines and Smokehouse Buildings in the Fog
Lupines and Skinning Shed in Fog
Stars Over Mulholland Lighthouse
Full Moon Over Smokehouses
Lubec Boats and Mulholland Lighthouse Aerial
Aerial Sunrise at the Spark Plug
Fog Rolling In Over Lubec
Summer Evening at Big Musquash Stream
Cape Enrage Sunrise
Shippagan Sunrise
Sunrise at Pointe a la Renommee Lighthouse
Pointe-des-Monts Lighthouse Reflection
Odin the Great Gray Owl
Autumn at Beulach Ban Falls
Draggers in Snow
Stars Over West Quoddy Head Light and Wreath
Shippagan Boat Yard
Perce Rock in Sunrise Fog
Foggy Sunrise in Perce
Fall Sunrise at Pointe a la Renommee Lighthouse
Fall in Riviere-a-Claude
La Martre Morning
Fall in the Coastal Highlands of Cape Breton
Snow Covered Trees Aerial
Last Light at Lac aux Americains
Moon and Wreath at Mulholland Lighthouse
Sunrise at Cape Forillon
Sunset at Gulliver's Hole
Mulholland Lighthouse and Stars Little Planet
Stars and Clouds Over West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
Orion Above West Quoddy Head Lighthouse and Snow
Full Moon Rising Behind Moose Peak Lighthouse
Mt. Katahdin and Ice Fishing Shacks at Sunrise
Total Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring
Baily’s Beads and Prominences
Big Spencer Mountain Sunrise Reflection
Totality Wideshot
Head Harbour Sunrise
Moonrise Over Head Harbour Lighthouse
Head Harbour Sunrise