Print Pricing

Prints are produced by a third party lab and drop shipped to you. I prep the images by hand for print. I make sure that the image is properly sized and sharpened for the ordered print size, and that the photo is adjusted appropriately so that it prints well.

Paper, metal, and canvas prints generally arrive within 1-2 weeks after I am able to place the order with the lab, often just 1 week. Acrylic prints may take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

I am usually able to respond to print order requests quickly, but sometimes I am on a trip in an area without internet service, so there may be delays in my response to your order request. But I will try to get back to you as soon as possible once you contact me!

Please contact me to request your print order! Please specify which photo you would like printed, and which size and type of print you would like. You can take a screenshot of the photo to send me if you're having trouble finding the name of the image. Eventually I'll have a much easier way to order!

Prices include shipping to the continental US, please contact me for shipping quotes to other destinations.

All sizes are in inches.

Paper Prints

Paper prints are produced on archival quality fine art papers. I generally have the prints made using a luster paper which has a slight gloss and provides great contrast, sharpness, and vibrance. Cotton rag papers are available upon request with the same pricing as below.

Prices are for just the print, without a mat or frame.

8x12" - $55
10x15" - $75
12x18" - $100
16x24" - $150
20x30" - $200
24x36" - $225
30x45" - $275
40x60" - $400

Metal Prints

Metal prints do not require a frame or glass, the photo is printed onto a sheet of aluminum and hanging hardware is installed on back. There is no frame, the print goes right to the edge of the metal sheet. The corners are rounded slightly to make them safer to handle. They are very durable, easy to clean with glass cleaner and a paper towel, and really leap off the wall.

8x12" - $90
12x18" - $150
16x24" - $200
20x30" - $275
24x36" - $400
30x45" - $800
40x60" - $1500

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are wrapped around a 1.5" thick frame (2.5" thick for large prints) and the photo is mirrored on the wrap, meaning no image cropping takes place, the entire photo is printed on the face of the canvas and a mirror of the edges of the photo is on the wrapped part of the canvas, making for a nice seamless look without losing any of the photo to the wrap. Canvas prints come with a sawtooth hanger on the back, backing paper to cover the cavity of the frame, and bumpers on the bottom corners. If you would prefer a wire hanger please let me know.

8x12" - $125
10x15" - $150
12x18" - $200
16x24" - $225
20x30" - $275
24x36" - $400
30x45" - $600
40x60" - $800

Acrylic Prints

Coming soon I will offer face mounted acrylic prints, where the print is adhered to the back of a piece of acrylic and requires no frame. If you would like pricing information on acrylic prints please contact me!

Contact me to place your order!