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Presented by Adam Woodworth, author of the best selling book Night Sky Photography, and featured by:

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Get instant access to this FREE webinar where I will cover everything you need to know to get started with Milky Way photography, including:
  • Cameras & Lenses for night photography
  • Camera & Exposure settings
  • How to use star stacking for pinpoint stars and low noise
  • Using separate foreground exposures
  • What tools to use to plan Milky Way photos
  • And more!
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse and Milky Way

Here's What You Will Learn!

Exposure Stacking For Dynamic Range In Dark Areas

Star Stacking For Low Noise

Planning Basics With PhotoPills

Shooting During Twilight

And Much More!

Milky Way Over WaterfallMilky Way Over Bioluminescence on the Coast of MaineMilky Way Over Lupines and Chapel

Watch this presentation of the tools and techniques needed to photograph the beauty of the Milky Way over dramatic landscapes!

Whether you're new to photography or have been shooting landscapes for a while, this FREE class will show you the ropes for getting high quality results under the stars.

After watching this presentation you will be able to head out with your gear and start shooting the night sky to create low noise images with sharp focus and detail from the foreground to the stars.

Meet Your Host

Adam Woodworth has been photographing the Milky Way for 10+ years, which is an eternity in the world of landscape astrophotography!

  • His book, Night Sky Photography: From First Principles to Professional Results, is an Best Seller.
  • Featured in Outdoor Photographer Magazine,, and many others.
  • Spoken on the Nikon School Theater stage at the PhotoPlus and CES Expos.
  • Produces video tutorials and teaches workshops on landscape astrophotography.
Adam Woodworth

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